Life on the Edge: A Perilous RU Encounter

Thank you so much for your comments!

@ Pocket: Venomoth and Yanmega are big threats but despite the team's lack of hyped up Pokemon and quite a few NUs, they have managed to achieve success which I think shows the diversity possible in RU. I think my opponent also prefers to use under-rated Pokemon (Scyther being a big example) so that made the battle a little more interesting than usual. Thanks for your comments on Gallade too, I hope no one catches on to Taunt Gallade.

@ WinstonShnozwick: Claydol is a great spinner and an awesome physical tank, I'd recommend him ;)

@ BloodGod22: I've looked more closely at it now, and I think he actually made the correct decision.

Torterra carries Seed Bomb which was not an OHKO, and Claydol would have used Toxic; thus Torterra suffers 10% + 6% damage. Torterra KOs on the second turn and suffers 10% + 12% damage; then it KOs Gallade and suffers 10% + 19% damage. By the time Krookodile finally comes in, Torterra would have been at 23% HP and +1 Krookodile naturally outspeeds +2 Torterra given the same EVs and nature. An easy sweep for Krookodile. Of course at the time, none of us had the luxury of knowing who was really faster...

The Ferroseed, +3 Gallade, and Cresselia Ice Beam situations were game changing errors however.

@ SP458: Thank you for your kind words. The battle would have been very different, but I'm actually quite glad we made the mistakes that we did. After Ferroseed went down, I lost my main answer to Scyther so Claydol, Entei and Munchlax had to improvise together to hold it back. Not ideal when Claydol is Psychic type, Entei lacks recovery, and Munchlax is a special wall. If Gallade had killed Scyther, it would have been another boring battle decided by hax. If Cresselia had used Reflect... Then MMF would've had a warstory to tell! XD

Don't mess with the Croc

Not the best battle, but it was still pretty good and I enjoyed it, so nice one 8/10.


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Yeah not gonna lie the best topic i've seen in DST in a good while, thanks for the enteretaining warstory! This is how wartories should be presented in my opinion.
Thanks for your comments! I do hope I will have more good battles to write about but it's tough to have a decent battle where both teams are evenly matched. It's even harder to remember to save the log! I mainly wanted to see what kind of format and commentry to use so since you guys are enjoying it, this will give me a lot of confidence to write if I have another good battle (no promises, most of my battles are boring as hell :P). So thank you guys!
Excellent warstory. There aren't enough of these for RU and the commentary is exactly what it should be; informative and showing what your overall plan is.

Also my ego demands that I mention that I'm the one who posted Magmortarboah (which was really cool for me to see someone else use) ;)
My only problem was 2 fully paralysis, but they eventually were balanced. Very nice warstory, nice format, nice comment, nice battle. 9,5/10
That was really fucking good. I was actually on the edge of my seat reading it. XD
Blastoise is so beast, I use it on a few of my UU teams. It tanks EVERYTHING. It even laughs at CB Victini's Fusion Bolt and V-create. Anyway, this was really well done.

Some minor hax and a few small mis-predicts, but nothing to detract from the story.
Easily 9.5/10!!

Please write more! ;D
Wow. Makes me want to start a team like this. Do you think you could post your entire team so that we may copy ? Ps 10/10 and a luv
Thank you so much! This has been a great experience and I'll keep in mind everyone's suggestions for next time.

@ windwolf: Um, maybe I'll write an RMT for this team... Maybe I'll wait for the next round of RU before doing one though, if I have time, because this team was really made with that round in mind (hence why it doesn't have any of the big threats). Thanks for your interest in the team!
+10 nerd points for quoting Julius.
Exciting battle without too much hax and very few (only 1) outright bad play (which you 'fessed up to).

Asses: multiple donkeys, butts, or stupid people.

Assess: what you meant.

Made me lol.

But it was a great warstory; kept me totally interested :)
Very nice warstory. It's stories like these that make me wanna try my hand at competitive battling, even though I would probably suck at it at first, haha! xD a 10/10 and a Luvdisc for you! :D
Thank you so much for your kind comments!

@ Rofellos: It was a very surprising moment and very tense for both of us when Krookodile was forced out. It made me consider pumping extra speed EVs into Gallade...

@ Ms Denbo: Thank you for pointing it out, it's now fixed!
food for thought: on a turn when two people are predicting each other's moves, for one person to predict correctly the other must predict incorrectly. thus, there is no way for nobody to make a mistake on such a turn and a mistake is inevitable.

excellent warstory!

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